Sanyo Eneloop AA Battery Chargers Lead the Market In Quality, Features

Sanyo Eneloop‘s industry leading AA rechargeable batteries are only rivaled by their accompanying AA battery chargers. Take a look at two of the leading models of Sanyo Eneloop AA battery chargers on the market today.

When investing in rechargeable batteries, buying the batteries themselves is only the beginning: while you may need to invest in dozens of batteries for whatever battery-dependent hobby of yours may be, it is important to not overlook the importance of a high-quality battery charger. Fortunately for the consumer, most of the top rechargeable battery companies not only sell batteries in packs, but also in tandem with battery chargers as well.

Particularly if you’re looking to invest in AAs, you’ll want to take a look at Sanyo Eneloop’s products. Sanyo Eneloop is by far the product leader in the consumer rechargeable battery industry. Just to give you an idea of how solid they are: Apple uses Sanyo Eneloop for their own apple-branded batteries for some of their battery-powered peripherals.

But if you’re going to invest in Sanyo Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries, you might go all the way and purchase one of of their high-quality AA battery chargers, all of which come packed with 4 AA Sanyo Eneloops to boot.

Sanyo Eneloop NCMQN04A AA Battery ChargerSanyo Eneloop NCMQN04A AA Battery Charger — A Perfect Balance of Quality & Price Value

With an input power supply of 240VAC: 50H.z, the Sanyo Eneloop NCMQN04A AA Battery Charger is incredibly well-priced as an entry-model AA battery charger that will give you solid performance at a price you can afford. The unit can charge two or four AA Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries (or other brands) in about ten hours, giving them a slow, steady, even charge that is very reliable. The NCMQN04A also charges AAAs as well — in just eight hours.

It is a very compact model, with specs of 75mm (w) x 40mm (d) x 118mm (h) and a weight of only 230g without batteries. And because it plugs directly into the wall, you can keep the charging well out of the way of everyday life. The NCMQN04A AA Battery Charger also features two small LEDs that let you know when the batteries are being charged and when the charge cycle is complete. These aren’t the most sophisticated LED indicators for AA battery chargers, but they most definitely get the job done.

Sanyo Eneloop NCMQR06 AA Battery Charger

Sanyo Eneloop NCMQR06 Quick AA Battery Charger — Double the Charge Speed

While specs for battery chargers can include information on battery conditioning, LED indicators, and other factors, charge time is usually what concerns consumers the most. Some hobbyists don’t require quick charging of their rechargeable batteries. If you’re a Wii gamer, for example, it shouldn’t be a problem to cycle your batteries by charging them overnight.

That being said, there are plenty of uses for rechargeable batteries out there that sometimes require a quicker charge. Sanyo Eneloop’s NCMQR06 AA Battery Charger offers the similar features of the NCMQN04A, but at break-neck charge speed: it can charge 3-4 AAs in 220 minutes, 2p AAs in 100 minutes, and 1 AA in just 75mins. Adding to this, the unit also features a worldwide voltage auto detection system that differentiates between 100 and 240 VAC — great for travelers — as well as a 270-minute protection timer that will shut off the charger automatically so as to avoid overcharging.

You can get the NCMQR06 for about AUD$10 more, though many people, after investing all the money in sets of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries, are looking to save money anywhere they can. But just think: for AUD$10 more, you can cut down charge time in more than half — a nice perk for anyone who doesn’t want to have to wait for fresh rechargeable batteries.

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