Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries Now Hold Charge For Over Five Years

Sanyo Eneloop AA Rechargeable BatteriesSanyo Eneloop‘s claim that their new generation of rechargeable batteries can hold their charge for five years confirms them to be the industry leaders. But does a shelf life of 5 years make a real difference to the consumer?

It seems that with every passing year, Sanyo Eneloop continues to advance its rechargeable battery technology and keep their products are the forefront of the industry. This year’s newest generation of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries boast new features and performance specs that improve on previous batteries’ longevity.

According to Gizmodo, on a full charge, “. . . their latest rechargeable nickel-metal hydride AA and AAA Eneloop batteries will retain up to 70% of their capacity after sitting unused for five years.” There’s no doubt that this is an impressive new feature, but like many of the features often touted for rechargeable batteries, the practical application of having rechargeable batteries sit on a shelf for five years and still retain up to 70% of the charge may seem like an empty feature for the practical consumer who, aside from building and outfitting a bomb shelter, would probably have no need for rechargeable batteries to retain their charge for so long. Does it really benefit the average person?

In fact, it does.

While the 5-year longevity of the new Sanyo Eneloops may seem unhelpful, there is a shorter-term performance fact that bears more purpose: as a result of “improvements that come courtesy of a change in the crystal lattice structure of the hydrogen-storing alloy,” “. . . if you abandon them for just a year, they’ll have only lost about 10 per cent of their charge.” the fact that your Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries will lose no more than 10% of their charge after sitting for a year means that they ultimately will hold near 100% of their charge in any short-term situation.

This kind of performance can be extremely helpful to those who rely on charging sets of rechargeable batteries prior to an excursion where electricity won’t be available. In these settings, one might need to store spare rechargeable batteries for weeks or even moths before they are used. The fact that Sanyo Eneloops can retain virtually their entire charge in the span of even months of inactivity could mean the difference in mobile device and safety equipment working for an extended period of time — when people may need that equipment the most.

To be sure, Sanyo Eneloop chose to highlight the “five year” mark because, simply put, five years is a long time. Thus, the specs are more impressive than stating that after a year, their batteries won’t lose more than 10% of their charge. But sometimes in order to really grasp the effectiveness of a rechargeable battery’s performance, you have to dig deeper into the details.

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