Sanyo Eneloop Continues Its Big News: New “XX” Rechargeable Batteries to Debut in Europe

For months we’ve been reporting on Sanyo Eneloop’s recent rash of new products and developments, some of which are novel, while others are just plain bizarre. Their most recent announcement — the release of the new Sanyo Eneloop AA-sized “XX” rechargeable batteries — lies somewhere in between “brilliant” and “bizarre,” to be sure.

First, for the brilliant part: Sanyo Eneloop is finally upping its capacity. With the Sanyo Eneloop XX, you’ll now have access to a Sanyo Eneloop-branded rechargeable battery with a 2500 mAh. Along with Sanyo Eneloop’s trademark low self-discharge feature, the XX rechargeable batteries are set to be a serious rechargeable battery, worthy of professional photographers and others who rely on high capacity, high performance rechargeable batteries on a regular basis.

Now for the bizarre part: the Sanyo Eneloop XXs are being released in Europe only. Sanyo recently announced that the XX rechargeable batteries would be available across Europe starting in December, and their only explanation for why Europe is the only continent to get the new XXs is that “the European market has been demanding a high capacity rechargeable battery to suit the needs of power draining devices for some time now.”

How about Australia?!

the fact is, people have been calling for a higher mAh Sanyo Eneloop battery for some time now, and now just in Europe. It still remains to be seen why Australia, the U.S., and other big electronics markets have been left out of the XXs marketing plan, nor do we know when — or if — we will ever see the Sanyo Eneloop XX rechargeable batteries.

Our guess, however, is that by mid 2011, Sanyo Eneloop XX rechargeable batteries will be available worldwide (even though this is only a guess).

Perhaps Europe is just a test run for Sanyo Eneloop, who wants to make sure they get their marketing approach right before exposing the rest of the world to their high capacity rechargeable batteries? In any case, one thing is for sure — higher capacity is on its way to the Sanyo Eneloop line of rechargeable batteries, and that is good news, indeed!

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