Sanyo Recharges the Eneloop: What You Need to Know

sanyo eneloop nimh rechargeable batteriesSanyo continues to recreate the revolutionary Eneloop rechargeable battery.

From its beginnings, the Sanyo Eneloop was revolutionary because it was one of the first NiMH rechargeable batteries that came charged right out of the packaging, making it ready to use immediately after purchasing it. It also lasted longer than other lackluster battery brands on the market, making it the first truely “premium” rechargeable battery brand/

The all new Sanyo Eneloop is now even stronger and lasts even longer — it is now rechargeable up to 1500 times. To top that, the Eneloop can be stored for three long years and they’ll still retain 75% of its capacity. You can even use Sanyo Eneloops in freezing cold temperatures.

Now for the technical aspects; The Mignon-eneloop (AA) has a 2000 mAh capacity and the Micro-eneloop (AAA) has an 800 mAh capacity. For all the green, tree-saving rechargeable battery users out there, these batteries are factory pre-charged using solar energy in Japan using photovoltaic generation. This gives the eco warriors of the world an added incentive to invest in Sanyo Eneloop: even the charge on these instant rechargeable batteries do not contribute to the world’s “carbon footprint.”

In addition, the Sanyo Eneloop is the most cost-effective rechargeable battery design for the average consumer to use compared to other NIMH rechargeable batteries. Not only is it more powerful, but it is also much more cost efficient. With normal alkaline batteries, you have to replace them every other couple months. The Eneloop can last for up to ten years! Now for me, I’d rather pay a few more dollars to get rechargeable batteries that I won’t need to swap out every month. Each time you charge your Eneloop batteries, it only costs 4 cents.

The Sanyo Eneloop Difference From An Average Consumer’s Perspective

Personally, I always used to forget to buy alkaline disposable batteries, so when they would go out in my television’s remote control for instance, I would end up without a remote for a week! And I don’t think I’m alone: for the average consumer in Australia, ratteries are the last thing on your mind when you go to the store. So, having the ability to forget about having to buy new batteries for ten years is an obvious convenience.

To be sure, there are more rechargeable battery brands out there besides Sanyo Eneloop, and I have tried most of them in the past. Sanyo, however, creates different types of rechargeable batteries for different needs. The regular Eneloop is an all purpose battery that lasts up to 1500 charges and has a self-discharge of 75% after 3 years. It comes in AA and AAA. The Sanyo Eneloop Lite is for low-to-medium power consumption devices and lasts up to 2000 charges. This battery also has a self-discharge of 75% and can last for three years. The XX powered by Sanyo Eneloop is for medium-to-high power consumption devices. This one doesn’t last as long at up to 500 charges, but it is a very high voltage battery at 2500mAh (AA) and 2400mAh (AAA). Sanyo has an Eneloop rechargeable battery for everyone’s needs.

Premium Rechargeable Batteries Like Sanyo Eneloop Make a World Of Difference

Most consumers who buy alkaline batteries hate to pay for premium brands, since they know that, in the end, they’ll end up throwing them away. But when it comes to purchasing rechargeable batteries, it’s all about making a slightly higher up-front purchase that will pay dividends down the line.

If you have to purchase a large quantity of rechargeable batteries, then it might make sense to go with a value brand, like Vapex. However, if you’re looking to outfit one of two electronics with rechargeable batteries that will provide optimal performance and longevity, then investing in a premium brand like Sanyo Eneloop makes the most sense. Spending a bit more money at the outset ensures that you’ll have years of reliable rechargeable battery performance.


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