The Ansmann Cometh

Most rechargeable battery users know that there is always a tradeoff between the price of a rechargeable battery, and the output as well as the lifespan of that battery. Typically, batteries are either in the elite category, such as the Sanyo Eneloop, or they bear a cheap price tag and a generic label. This polarization (pun intended) has left a huge niche in the middle of the market where the moderate user either pays for a premium battery at a premium price, or they are forced to use greatly inferior products that do not satisfy.


Enter the Ansmann Rechargeable Battery

Every battery might not be created equal, but each has their place in the market. For those individuals that only need a low-output, short-lived rechargeable, there are several options that will suit their needs while also keeping extra money in their pocket. For heavy users, they often need the power and reliability that comes from the higher end. A battery is only as good as your need for it.

But after testing, it is hard for anyone not to love the Ansmann, both for its price and its capacity.



Rather than wax poetic about the Ansmann, we’re going to give you a breakdown of the out of the box specifications. In a later blog, we’re going to put them head to head against some of the top batteries on the market. For now, we are going to give you an exact investigation of their high-end AA rechargeable battery. If you aren’t a numbers person, fear not, we’ll tell you more, but these stats are too good to keep to ourselves. Now feast your eyes:



Product: Ansmann AA 2850 mAH

mAh: 2850 max with a 2600 min.

Capacity After 100 Charge Cycles: 99.70%

Watt Hours: 2.78897

Best Measured mAh: 2427.64

Price: AUD $21.99

Cost Per Charge Cycle: <1¢



For those of you that skimmed those numbers and found them meaningless, here’s what they mean – The Ansmann rechargeable battery performed fantastically. It had high power output, which is perfect for high-energy, draining devices such as digital cameras, torches, digital music players, and remote control cars, planes, and boats. It also performed for a long period of time, which is better for low drain, everyday devices such as clocks or television remote controls.

The number that everyone should notice is the price. It is a little steep for your average person to pay for a battery. But remember, this is the best rechargeable that Ansmann makes, so a very casual user probably is not going to see the full benefits. Here is where Ansmann really starts to shine.


Buy Only What You Need

It is common for rechargeable battery manufacturers to stick to either one end of the spectrum or the other. Ansmann has not limited themselves. They have a wide array of product choices that run the gamut from AUD $16.99 for their AA line to the AUD $21.99 referred to above. This gives the user a wide range of options, depending on how much power they need.


Good and Green

No environmental hazards can be found in these little powerhouses. They are not made with Mercury, Cadmium, or Lead, so you can use them and dispose of them without worrying that they will seep into the water table and that children somewhere will then be born with gills.

These German-designed juggernauts are a marvel for anyone looking for cost-effective alternatives to some of the other high end rechargeable batteries. If you are looking to blaze a new trail, Ansmann is a safe bet.

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