The High Score Heartbreak: How the Wii Battery Pack On Your Controller Dies at the Worst Times!

Back in 2005, when the Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 were poised to hit the entertainment market, who would have believed that the Wii would dominate the other two game platforms in worldwide sales? With its lower resolution and quirky game controller, all of the gaming elite doomed Nintendo for the bronze medal in the competition for market supremacy.

Now, the Wii and its innovative game controller has become a cultural phenomenon. The famed “Wiimote,” together with the nunchuck controller, makes for an amazing gaming experience, giving you wireless, interactive play with your favorite Wii games.

But what do you do when the charging dock battery pack in your Wiimote goes flat on you, right in the middle of a great game? Since few people have charged replacement battery packs ready to go, chances are you’ll have to dock the Wiimote for four or five hours while you wait for it to recharge, thus losing your shot at a new high score.

How do you avoid this gaming catastrophe?

The good news is that, in addition to the charging dock battery pack, you can also use AA batteries with your Wiimote, which means that a couple sets of rechargeable NiMH batteries will ensure continuous gameplay, even if your batteries run out in the middle of a game. If your Wiimote batteries go flat, you can quickly throw in two more batteries and resume play, charging the flat batteries so that they will be ready to use next time.

Rechargeable batteries will give your Wiimote the smooth, consistent power it needs to function at rigorous gaming levels, and can also be used over and over again in many other devices that use AA batteries, such as the Wii Fit balance board or any other standard household devices. With a standard battery pack, the charging dock can only be used for the Wii remote.

In addition to using NiMH rechargeable batteries with your Wiimote, there is also a USB battery charger that offers gamers the ultimate in recharging speed and versatility. The Fujicell USB battery charger plugs directly into the Wii’s USB port, allowing batteries to be charged close by the console, ready for rapid replacement during gameplay. Or, if plugging into the wall is more convenient, the Fujicell also features a convenient AC adapter as well.

If you’re a serious Wii gamer, then you know the importance of having the right set of gaming accessories. The same should be true with your batteries. Using rechargeable NiMH batteries, together with a Fujicell USB battery charger, is the most reliable approach to ensuring that your Wiimote will be ready to go whenever you need to quench your gaming spirit.

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