Will Panasonic Bring LiON Rechargeable Batteries To The Sanyo Eneloop Brand?

Panasonic LiON rechargeable batteries

Sanyo Eneloop continues to be the clear quality and performance leader in NiMH rechargeable batteries. But with Panasonic continuing to push its industrial line of LiON rechargeable batteries, will the company eventually add LiON into the mix?

When you think LiON rechargeable batteries, what comes to mind are proprietary battery packs for electronic devices, such as laptop computers and mobile phones. However, LiON rechargeables are not relegated to being mere battery packs — the technology can also be developed into cylindrical battery forms that could fit just about any device.

Case in point: Panasonic’s industrial line of LiON rechargeable batteries.

Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries x 4 AA

Pictured above, you can see that this line of batteries, which is geared toward industrial use, can be utilized in virtually any device you can think of. Some of the applications listed on Panasonic’s website include:

  • Video cameras, digital still cameras
  • Cellular phones, PHS phones
  • Laptop computers
  • MD Players
  • Various portable equipment
  • PDAs

So, how do these LiON rechargeable batteries perform? Well, there are full breakdowns on capacity and performance on the Panasonic Industrial Devices website, but all in all, they pump out premium levels of mAh, akin to what you see from disposable LiONs, but with the ability to recharge. Here are some of the overall features of the product:

  • High voltage of 3.6V lets you cut down on the number of batteries you use.
  • High energy density minimizes battery size and weight, making it perfect for use in small portable equipment.
  • No metallic lithium is used so charging and discharging are very safe.
  • No memory accumulation so it provides a full charge every time.
  • The outer casing in prismatic batteries is an aluminum alloy, so overall battery weight is lower.

With all of this in mind, why has Panasonic relegated this battery technology to its own brand name, and not introduced it to Sanyo Eneloop yet? For one, price might be a factor: while these batteries can be marketed to professional and industrial organizations, the high prices might be too cost-prohibitive for regular consumers. For their part, Sanyo Eneloop are already a pricey battery, and we know from experience that LiONs tend to be the ost expensive disposable battery you can buy. Combining LiON and Sanyo Eneloop might make for a perfect storm of high prices that simply aren’t viable for the company — as of right now.

Regardless, it stands to reason that, over time, we’ll see LiON overtake NiMH. In the meantime, however, NiMH Sanyo Eneloops still combine to offer the best in quality and performance as well as price. Thus, they are still a worthy long-term investment.

Thanks for reading this article! Be sure to check out Electronics Warehouse’s wide range of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries.


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