Vapex VTE 500P Ni-MH Tamiya RC Rechargeable Fast Battery Charger



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Vapex Tech

This Charger is designed to charge Nickel-Metal Hydride or Nickel Cadmium 4~10 Cell battery packs with Standard Tamiya Male Connector. This is a Smart Charger, which can distinguish 4~10 cell packs by a smart MPU which automatically cut-off the charge current when fully charged.

It is easy to use. Manual-adjustment is not needed. By using different adaptors, this charger can be used to charge battery packs with Futaba Female connector, JR Female connector, Tamiya Small Male connector, Micro Female connector etc


  • Chargers 4~10 pieces cells battery packs Standard Tamiya Male connector.
  • Charge Current 500 mA
  • Microprocessor-control System (For protection and safety).
  • LED Indicators show the charging process.
    Safety Timer and Over current protection.
  • Delta V Control, detects when charged and switches to trickle charge to avoid over charging.
  • Meets all Australian Safety Standards.



RC Battery Charger Instructions (VTE500P__4~10_Cells_Battery_Pack__Smart_Charger_Product_Instruction.pdf, 161 Kb) [Download]

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